Send Subscription Delivery metrics to Honeycomb

Jun 27th, 2021view comments

In addition to sending metrics for every API call OneGraph makes on your behalf, the Monitoring tab on the dashboard now supports sending subscription delivery metrics to Honeycomb.

Each event includes the following keys:

destinationStringThe url of the webhook destination, or websocket
subscriptionIdStringThe id of the subscription
operationNameStringThe optional operationName of the subscription, e.g. GitHubRepoSubscription
statusCodeIntegerThe status code OneGraph received from your server, if it received a status code
webhookRequestMillisecondsIntegerThe time, in milliseconds, it took us to send the webhook POST request to the server
timedOutBooleantrue if the request timed out before we finished sending the webhook
truncatedResponseBodyStringThe first 512 bytes of the response from the server, if OneGraph did not receive a 2xx or a 410 status code